The Road Junky Beach Camp

*Event Cancelled*

Sorry. We had to cancel the beach camp this time but be sure to sign up to your newsletter if you’d like tl know about future events.

If the summer always feels too short for you come and join us to enjoy an extra week of sunshine, dance and music workshops on our beach camp in South Italy.

We’ll have a campsite all to ourselves just 200 metres away from a wild beach by a calm sea waters still be warm from the summer.

There will be music and dance workshops in the morning and afternoon exploring the joy of dance, contact improv, freeing the voice, group rhythms, mantra singing, song writing and traditional Italian music. There will also be the chance to trade songs and try instruments for the first time in a relaxed learning atmosphere over cups of tea.

beach retrea

But you don’t need to be a musician or dancer to come.

The Road Junky Beach Camp is a chance to relax, make friends, eat great Italian food, swim in the sea, and listen to musicians jamming all night around cosy little fires.

In many ways it’s a festival/retreat hybrid where we celebrate life every day in song and dance, and yet take the time to walk on the beach hand in hand with new friends..