The Beach

Normally it’s hard to find a beach in Italy that isn’t covered in umbrellas with cheesy dance music playing loud.

In September, however, the season is over for Italians, leaving us free to come and take over a campsite and have the beach pretty much for ourselves.

The campsite is set in the middle of a natural reserve with a lake behind it and just a 200 metres walk away from the beach through protected woodland. You could be at the end of the world. The campsite is shady and calm and has showers and toilets, and we’ll be preparing delicious vegetarian meals for everyone there twice a day.

There will also be a chai area where there will always be pots of tea and coffee on the go and people sitting around sharing songs and stories, giving massages and making music.

The Road Junky Beach Camp is where the vibrancy of the Festival of Creativity meets the calm of the Sahara retreat. We’re aiming for a laid-back atmosphere where it’s easy to make friends, share and learn, and just chill out in a gorgeous natural environment.

Life can be a beach.