There’s something about feeling the sand beneath your feet that makes everyone want to dance…

The Road Junky beach camp is a place to try out new things, share what you know, and deepen your love for dance and making music. All in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

You don’t need any previous experience in dance or music to come and we won’t be learning any complicated steps or or reading sheetmusic- the camp is all about finding new expression with your body, voice and having fun!

And if you just feel like hanging out on the beach or having a chat over a tea in the campsite, that’s cool, too. The only rules are to  please turn off your cell phone in the camp area, don’t bring alcohol or drugs and treat everyone with respect…

The Workshops

There will be workshops in the morning and afternoon with contact improvisation, dance therapy, freeing the voice, percussion and there will be a continuous learning vibe as musicians and dancers share  steps and songs in the shade, inspiring and learning from one another.

There will also be meditation in the mornings on the beach, storytelling in the evenings and games by the edge of the waves in the moonlight..

We’re going to celebrate. We’re going to party!


We’ll have our opening dinner on Sunday the 16th of September and the workshiops will take place from Monday to Friday. We will provide fruit for breakfast and a cooked lunch and dinner for everyone with excellent vegetarian Italian food.

It’s fine to arrive a day or two early and stay afterwards – at a cost of 25 euros a night (including food, tea and coffee) and that you can give to us when you’re there.